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Pull Up Bar Chin up Bar Adjustable Door Bar

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Height Pull Up Bar

You are buying  Brand new Pull-up Bar. It is a sturdy, adjustable, chrome-plated steel bar that can quickly fit any door frame by placing the two ends together and unscrewing the inner tube until the bar is as wide as your door way. The rubber bushes compress against the door frame to take weight of a person upto 150 lbs. Pressure, not suction, holds the bar in position at any height you want. It helps to improve your height, your spinal column, your physique.


Package Includes:


· 1 Pull up Bar (Color coated).


· 1 L- Key.


· User manual.


· Exercise chart.


· Diet chart.



· Normal : 2 Feet 4.inches ( 28 inches)  

· When Expanded : 3 feet 5 inches, ( 41 inches)

The User manual and exercise chart will be provided along with item







Recommended for children and youngster to increase their height


Must buy for all those who want to work out while on the move

 About Pull–up exercise:

 A pull-up is an upper body compound pulling exercise where the body is suspended by extended arms, gripping a fixed bar, then pulled up until the elbows are bent and the head is higher than the hands, utilizing an overhand (pronated) grip. A traditional pull-up relies on upper body strength with no swinging or "kipping”.

The exercise targets mainly the latissimus dorsi muscle in the back along with many other assisting muscles. The different muscle groups that pull ups work are the lats which is the primary muscle group and for the secondary muscle groups. Make sure the surface should be dust free while sticking the rod between the frame. Read the user manual how to fix it between the frames. Rod works on pressure and suction system.


  • · Adds inches to your height.
  • · Improve your physique.
  • · Black color coated.
  • · Two Multicolor grips for extra comfort.
  • · Adjustable.
  • · Inner tube steel chrome plated.
  • · Sturdy.


Chart of exercises that can be performed are given below:



  • · Hanging twists.
  • · Front chin.
  • · Back hang.
  • · Front hang.
  • · Knee lift (hanging).
  • · Under grip leg raise.
  • · And many more.

How to Fix ?











Note: The above pictures are for the indicative purpose only, actual color, size may look differ from it.

Any person of any age can use it keeping in mind the user weight limit given in the listed.
Best for kids of 15 year age
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